Testimonial from a family of 5 children that endured sexual abuse:

Each of my kids have experienced personal growth over the past year.I believe it is a combination of all the therapies they have received since the sexual abuse, including counseling, physical and massage therapy.I have seen personal growth and healing.

Child #1~ has become very independent, moving out of my house, and moving in with a roommate.He is experiencing life in a very healthy manner, holding down an almost full time job and going to college. when feeling anxiety. Through massage therapy he has learned to be aware of internal issues and anger and how to calm himself down He has good relationships with both males and females.

Child #2~ Has experience both physical abuse from his father and sexual abuse.He has been in my house for 3 years, and as his guardian, I have seen tremendous growth.His fear has lessened, and his is getting more involved in “life”. His confidence has increased and has been able to connect on an age- appropriate level with female and male relationships.

Child #3 `anger has decreased on a huge level.He has come into his own as a young man, making positive choices and learning from the past.He has learned age-appropriate relationships with females.He experienced the most sexual abuse, and has had to be made aware of boundaries.Learning appropriate touch, I feel, was the most important part of the massage therapy.Knowing what healthy touch means, and being able to experience that in a positive manner has been very important.I believe it decreased his anxiety about his body being touched.

Child #4~ ability to communicate and assert what her needs and wants are has improved over the past year.Her nightmares have decreased and she also has increased confidence.Her relationships are positive with both male and females, and has actually developed a close bond with an adult male, which I believe helps her move past her fear of “grown men”.

Child #5~ born premature at 26 ½ weeks, and has had many health issues.He has been diagnosed with Cebral Palsy since the beginning of the massage therapy.I also believe he has a sensory disorder.Touch, especially reassuring touch, is very helpful for him.Because of his sensory disorder, he is always tense and has a lot of anxiety.Massage helps to relieve some of that anxiety that builds up easily in him.

I believe that healing comes in may ways.Through the love of a parent, friend or family member.Through talking and expressing feelings and issues.Also believe that knowledge leads to healing.For my kids to learn about healthy touch and what that means to their body and soul was a very important part to their healing.

Meeker Middle School
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Patrick Kjack, Assistant Principal
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October 9, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to let you know how fortunate the students at Meeker have been to have Susan Matanibukaca join us as a guest speaker. I am currently the Instructional Coach at Meeker Middle School, but over the past 13 years, I have been either an ELA teacher and/or an AVID elective teacher. In our AVID classrooms, we are always looking for engaging guest speakers who can speak to our students about the value of college and/or career readiness. We have been fortunate to have a wide range of careers represented such as firemen, pilots, and city engineers. However, none have been as interesting and engaging as Susan. We were so fortunate when Susan’s son, Kale, joined our AVID program and volunteered for his mother to come speak to us a few years ago.

When Susan showed up, she immediately had the students’ attention, thanks to her willingness to share her own personal story about how she became interested in healing therapy. She also brought with her many handouts, props, and essential oils that the students found fascinating. Their favorite activity was to see the “sound bowl” technique used on other students. She was so popular, that we invited her back to Meeker as a guest speaker even though her son was no longer a student at Meeker.

I can say wholeheartedly, that Susan has been the favorite guest speaker out of all the speakers we have been fortunate to have. As it’s not always easy to keep a middle school student’s attention, this is saying something. She would be a welcome public speaker in any capacity for any company.

I would be happy to answer any further questions you might have.


Carrie Splinter
Instructional Coach
AVID Coordinator
Meeker Middle School – Rm. 208

4402 Nassau Avenue NE | Tacoma, WA 98422

Vision Statement: 21 st Century Education at Meeker Middle School will empower students to be prepared to solve global problems using Learning & Innovation; Information, Media & Technology; and Life & Career Skills.

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